Meet The Family

You could say I was born into the jewelry business, whether it was playing with gemstones that my Dad collected, or playing dress up in my Mother’s jewelry box, I have always had an eye for everything that sparkles. After briefly pursuing other careers, I felt the pull back into the jewelry world and purchased Wyatt’s Jewelers of Westwood Village in 2019. May of 2022, I rebranded into what is now Lauren’s Jewelry. I am passionate about helping clients find the perfect gift, whether it be a vintage or an estate piece, or creating a custom project together. I love helping design the perfect engagement ring and bringing your creative visions to life.

Guests will always find a wide variety of vintage and estate jewelry, as well as repurposed jewelry in the shop. I am also passionate about helping the planet, so I find joy in making things new again, and/or integrating stones or components into custom pieces to be worn and loved. I love handmade jewelry, and carry my Dad’s Southwestern-Inspired jewelry (The Dancing Cowboy) as well as pieces that are handmade by my brother.

When I am not in the shop, I am spending time with my husband Tyler and our 3 Pugs; Kato, Maybe & Olaya. I enjoy traveling, spending time with our extended family and also finding ways to give back to the community. You’ll notice the shop running promotions that benefit local charities throughout the year.

I would love to meet you, feel free to stop in and say hello! We also offer repairs of all kinds, sizing, metal identification and we service watches on Wednesdays! I look forward to earning your business.